Quad Mount
.50 caliber anti-aircraft gun.
Used aboard small vessels and ships.
Rocket Launcher
The famous "Bazooka" of World War II. Bazookas were used extensively on both fronts against armored vehicles and hardened emplacements. 3.5 inch caliber.
.30in Browning M1917
Belt fed machine gun.
Introduced in 1917, the the appearance of the M1917 is very similar to contemporary Vickers and Maxim machine guns. It has a rectangular receiver and round water jacket around the barrel.
Gatling Gun
Their high rate of fire led these guns to be used on the famous AC47 gunships of the Viet Nam Era, and the more modern AC130. The AC47's, nicknamed "Puff the Magic Dragon" were military DC-3's with a bank of side mounted gatling guns. The devastating broadside the AC47's delivered was very effective in counter insurgency operations.
Recoilless Rifle
Antitank Gun
Manufactured by Laudi during World War II. 22mm with skis.

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