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 Industrial Pallet Racking Pallet Racking   

   We carry a wide range of sizes and styles of NEW and Used Pallet Racking, and we can even custom order
   most Pallet Racking to fit for your specialize needs

If you have Pallet Racking that you no longer need, give us a call at 530-534-9956
and we will buy it.


Used Uprights start at - $45.00ea
Used Beams start at - $35.00pr

I-Series / Interlake Uprights I-Series Uprights (Interlake style)
I-Series / Interlake Beams I-Series Beams

Republic Uprights Republic Uprights

Republic Beams Republic Beams

Penco Uprights Penco Uprights

Penco Beams Penco Beams

Sturdibilt Uprights Sturdibilt Uprights

Sturdibilt Beams Sturdibilt Beams

Rigurak Uprights Rigurak Uprights

Rigurak Beams Rigurak Beams

Speed Rack Uprights Speed Rack Uprights
Speed Rack Beams Speed Rack Beams

Salmon Uprights
Salmon Beam Salmon Beams

Wire Grartes / Shelf Wire Grates

Gardener Bench Gardener Bench

Galvanized Steel

- Main deck, 30" H x 38" D x 96" W
- Top deck, 56" H x 18" D x 96" W

Weight: approx. 100 lbs


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