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  Ammo Cans   

   These Government issue cans are air tight and waterproof.
   Hundreds of uses; tool boxes for your car or truck, clean and durable container for tire chains,
   safe transport of shotgun or rifle ammunition, camp and hunting items, great storage box for emergency
  The list is endless.
  These cans are in great condition and are heavy duty.



30 CAL. 

Our most popular size ammo can. All steel construction, Air and watertight. Locking hinged lid.  
Ideal for carrying those small easy to loose items.
Measurements 3" x 10" x 7"

Price $8.99ea. - out of stock



50 CAL. 

The second most popular size ammo can. The same rugged steel construction,
Air and watertight, with locking hinged lid.
Measurements approx. 11" x 5 " x 7"

Price $14.99

50 Cal. Fatties
Measurement approx. 12" x 7" x 9"

Price $17.99



30 MM. 

Big rugged all steel Ammo can. Ideal when you have a lot to store. Air and watertight non-hinged lid.
Measurements 17" x 14." x 8"

Price $17.95 Out of Stock




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